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Welcome to Sincerely, Crystal

My name is Crystal. Please check out the “About Sincerely, Crystal” section to learn more details about who I am, what I plan to write about and why I want to write.

Glad you are here–whether we have nothing in common or could be best friends, I hope my writing in some way connects with you. The people I anticipate enjoying my blog most are those who have a general leaning to things emotional and social. Those who have at least a mild interest in faith and learning about Jesus. Those who are interested in processing the mix of suffering and joy.

I have a general inkling toward casual ponderings, poetry and digging into scripture. I have a deep love for ellipses (…), which I have learned annoy some people. I also write with a nudge of humor to compensate for the way I may make you cry.

I am a lover of people and a lover of God. I can have in depth conversations about the deep things of the mind and the heart, and also love a really good meme.

If any of that sounds appealing, read on friends.



2 thoughts on “Thanks for Visiting

  1. So excited to read your blog, Crystal! I know that your writings will tug at reader’s hearts and engage their souls. Thank you for sharing your personality, wisdom, and stories with us!


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