Sincerely, Crystal

Mom of Many

Some moms look at the same brown eyes, Night after night, With bath time and bedtime stories. She knows the distinct voice of her children. She knows how they like their sandwiches cut. She knows how they like their hair braided. She knows their favorite color. These children feel as much a part of herContinue reading “Mom of Many”


–a swollen area within body tissue containing an accumulation of pus –a tender mass filled with pus caused due to infection. I had left the procedure room sweating, red-faced a stench in my nose I was confident would never leave.  I had images of the parents horrified faces imprinted in my brain.  And the screamsContinue reading “Abscesses”

Worth It

She was worth it, I said through tears. I’ve experienced tangible moments a few times in my life where I was confronted with someone I served.  And I realized to serve them, it cost me some things.  Precious things.  And yet, I knew deep down in my heart if I was given the choice toContinue reading “Worth It”


I hugged him tight, and he did the most interesting thing… He tenderly placed his forehead to my head. As he did, he didn’t look away. Instead, he held eye contact boldly, and he smiled sweetly, giggling as we stared at each other. I smiled, I laughed, And I cried. I was the one whoContinue reading “Bold-Wild-Free”


I am a slow learner. I am smart.  But with certain things, it take me a long time to get it. And learning is usually painful.  Always has been. I have a distinct memory of doing flashcards with my mom when I was 4 and having anxiety about not knowing how to read going intoContinue reading “Learning”

Its been a Year

It’s been a year. She said it in a literal way. And in a heavy-sigh expressive way. It HAD been a year. A year since the world turned upside down. Or rather inside out. Where going out became dangerous. When we hunkered down, narrowed our circles and changed all our systems. When our coping strategiesContinue reading “Its been a Year”

My Sweet Valentine…

Fix your eyes on this one truth, God is madly in love with you. –Hillsong Do you believe it? Does that line make you squirm in an uncomfortable way? What are the thoughts that go through your head creating arguments for why it isn’t true. This is one of those lyrics I love-hate. One thatContinue reading “My Sweet Valentine…”


I’ve been pondering the concept of voice lately. I love humor and am a collector of my favorite peoples laughs.  I love to notice what makes someone giggle.  The way their nose wrinkles or the way they throw their head back or the particular sound that escapes their mouth when delight overtakes them. It’s funContinue reading “Voice”


It’s a season of gifts.  Where the holidays are supposed to be about Jesus, so much of our attention is focused on the giving and receiving of gifts.  But then, He is about giving gifts too.  He gives us life and breath.  He gives us salvation.  He gives us the gift of Himself.  He givesContinue reading “Gifts”


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