Men surrounded by Women…

Hey, Bud. 

Us ladies, we make your head hurt, huh? 😊

This is my friend Kyle.  He is married to Laura.  He loves a good fire-pit, game night and the Word of God.  He can disassemble and re-assemble a dryer that should have caught on fire a long time ago, and can kill a cockroach with his bare hand.  Literally.

He will protect you from creepers in a club trying to booty-dance on you and will give you room and permission when you need to cry.  He self-corrects when He doesn’t listen and will jump-to when you lose your mind and start to yell at him. 

Kyle B—you rock.  I will always have eggs in the fridge and an old fashion on hand as a thank you for being a faithful man of God and brother.

This picture was taken at a dinner-party/game night where he was the only man…AGAIN

He holds up well in that environment, surrounded by the ladies.  He listens and is patient.  He just needs food and whiskey.  But at some point, he reaches this level—

Wide eyes.

Head in hands.


I imagine it is like learning a foreign language.  The way women talk and act (and write), is different.  There is an intrigue at the beginning which is exciting for him (maybe), like being invited into a mysterious inner circle as the lone husband.  And then, at some point, he realizes he needs to retreat.

It makes me think about the garden of Eden—how God made Adam, and then Eve.  He made them to connect and enjoy each other, but He made them distinct and different, too.

In relationships, we can struggle to understand—we can grow frustrated when the opposite gender doesn’t act like us or think like us.  But they aren’t supposed to.  We are unique, gifted to each other as a compliment, not as a twin.  We get to learn from one another in big and small ways and sharpen one another with the gifts, weaknesses and perspectives God has given each one of us.

I’m thankful for the male friendships God has gifted me.  Not all singles get that.  As a woman, I hear things differently from a man than I do from my ladies.  It is a joy when men are brave enough to enter into this circle and to speak what they’ve learned from God, to enjoy us as sisters and to let us see a little glimpse of God’s character the way it looks in male form.  To allow us to influence you in a way that makes you kinder, gentler, a better listener.  The brotherly affection men like Kyle have demonstrated allow me to see God more accurately—more completely.

So cheers to you, my friend.  Thanks for loving us girls well.



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