The Question

We sat for two hours getting to know each other.

Couple cocktails, random-forced chatter at first, and then laughter eventually.

He peppered me with questions–

I think he was nervous.

Then, he smiled charmingly, and asked the question…

So, why is a girl like you still single?

Me: (internally—sigh, here we go, at least he asked it like a compliment):

Well, I’m not sure, if I’m honest. I want to be married—having a husband and a family is my biggest dream. It just has not happened.

Date: When was your last serious relationship?

Me (cringing):  Well, that’s the thing. I haven’t really had one.  I mean, I had a boyfriend in high school.  I’ve had great friends—in college and since– but it never turned into anything else.  Some who I liked, and they did not like me back; others who liked me and I didn’t like them.  It just didn’t happen. 

Date: But you date?

Me: Yes, I mean, I’m here, right? 

Date: And you’re not looking for just friendship?

Me: No, I have plenty of friends, awesome ones. But I want more.

Date: And you want kids?

Me: Yes (half laughing)

Date (sideways glance, cue– you better get on that): And you have never been married?

Me: No…

Date: And like, you really want a committed relationship

Me (full on laughing now):  Yes…wait, do you think I’m like a player, or something?

Date: I mean, you have no idea how many girls I’ve met who just string guys along…

Me:  OH!  Well, I am not one of them…

(internally, I’m like the anti-player)

—-         —-         —-         LONG PAUSE     —-         —-         —-        

—-         —-        —- SIPPING OUR BEVERAGES           —-         —-         —-   

Date (still skeptical, speaking slowly): You’re not really like an online girl.

Me: What’s an online girl?

Date: You know—flaky…CASUAL

Me (smiling, scrunched nose):  Oh…were you looking for an Online girl?

Date:  No…no, no…no, no, no!

Me (cocked head, laughing):  Hmmm…. okay.  I will choose to believe you.

Conversation flowed easily—we made each other laugh.

I thanked him for a fun night.

We hugged goodbye.

I walked away pretty sure he wasn’t mine but enjoying him all the same.

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