Rays of orange and pink scatter the sky, to my left.

The deep, dark blue dances in crashing waves, to my right.

I sit in a blanket of white sand

That shifts with each wiggle of my toes.

My eyes are busy, capturing all the beauty possible to see—

If I blink, I’ll miss something.

I’m trying so hard not to miss something.

But I close my eyes, and there is a different kind of pretty that bounces into view.

The waves become louder somehow,

The chirping of birds that were un-hearable with my eyes open are ever present now.

The cool breeze is both a sound and a feeling.

I smell the salt,

Crunch a bit of sand that fell in my mouth somehow

And reopen my eyes.

The sky moved—

The soft blue is interrupted by the streaks of gold growing ever so bright.

Pillows of white clouds move in slow motion

The colors changed—shade, texture, intensity.

It’s not different, so much as it’s more.

You give us so much to take in.

We cannot fathom who You are in a moment—

Eyes open or closed just give us more of You.

Another layer.

The soft sleepy sky that moves into the bright shine of Your sun echoes of who You are,

As clearly and intimately as the roar of the ocean waves,

The mysterious depths below we cannot see or experience fully.

They’re all You.

If I were looking at Your face,

In fullness, in close proximity.

Tracing Your eyebrows, cheeks, lips with my thumb.

If You were that close,

Would I see all of You?

Or will I spend eternity gazing at You like I stare at this sunset?

Trying to drink it all in?

Always discovering more.

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