Happy Christmas—Musical Reflections 4: For the busy one…

In fields as they lay; keeping their sheep,

On a cold winters night that was so deep

The First Noel is one of my favorite Christmas songs.

It’s a picture of normal people encountering King Baby Jesus.

We start with Shepherds, and then move to the Wise Men.

In modern days, the farmer, and the scholar…

Jesus showing up on the scene in the midst of day-to-day life,

With ordinary people.

The shepherds were keeping their sheep.

They were doing what they do.

It was a typical Tuesday (or Wednesday or Friday),

And then there He was.

Yes, they had long awaited His arrival.

They’d heard of Him—they were longing for Him. But they were doing life.

As I listen to this song or read these lyrics, it makes me think about the way the Lord interrupts my day sometimes.

The word interrupt is accurate…

And not.

But it feels like that.

I have so much to do.

Jesus, I’ve got too much work. Too many people to care for.

Jesus, I’m tired.

I need to do _____, and then _____, and then _____.

Excuse after excuse unfolds.

And then I yell at Him for being distant….

But I’m the distant one.

Then, there are moments of connection–where His kindness stops me, and I’m able to receive it.

A divine appointment.

When my heart is soft—when I am needy and desperate for Him, or when I notice the little ways He is pursuing my heart, I am able to experience this as an invitation versus an intrusion.

Thank you Jesus.

Thank you.

For slowing me down in all the right ways.

I need it.

I need You.


More than crossing things off my list or getting to the next thing.

More than performing.

More than accomplishing.

I need You.

Praying that I remember my smallness this season.

My humanity.

To remember that I am not the One holding the moon and stars.

I don’t orchestrate generations of humans across thousands of years to be intersecting at specific places and for specific purposes.

I don’t know the hairs on every human’s head that has ever existed, or when each sparrow will fall to the ground.

Angels and demons do not ask my permission for things.

I am small.

I am important to Him,

So much so, He died for me…

AND I am small.

My to-do list can wait.

To meet with King Jesus—Oh, I want my answer to always be yes.

I want my heart to be ready to pause.

I want to be interruptible.

I want my life to be lived in such a way that my brothers and sisters know I have capacity for them (Jesus and them).  

I want others to know I depend on Him more than I depend on me.

I want to experience the balance of a life of diligence and rest.

One that echoes,

Yes Lord,

I’ve been waiting for you.

Thank you for waiting for me.



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