Happy Christmas: Musical Reflections 12: For the Hope seekers…

Should auld acquaintance be forgot

And never brought to mind?

Should auld acquaintance be forgot

And days of auld lang syne (old long since)

Happy New Year’s Eve….

This song is the song that pops into my head every New Year’s.

It’s the theme of any romantic comedy set at New year’s.

The hauntingly beautiful melody and folksy sound is exquisite.

It reminds me of all things old-timey and other-worldly, including one of my favorite scenes from a movie, Brooklyn.

The main character is in America for her first Christmas since leaving Ireland. She is homesick but building community where she is serving. As she pours food on plates, she is blessed by fellow Irishmen speaking and singing in the sounds and words she knows like the back of her hand.

There is remembering,

And longing built into this precious moment.

She weeps, along with her fellow Irishmen—grieving what was lost, but there is a hopeful air to the end of the scene, much like the closing of this song—a sentimental, joyful, and forward-facing hope for what is to come…

Though I love this song, the words I have never understood.

Today I read an article on the meaning of the song…

According to Daniel Ross (2022), auld lang syne means old long since, otherwise known as for the sake of old times.

He states that it is a reflective tune meant to give you a feeling of two old friends reminiscing over a drink or two.

I love that.

How many of you have had the opportunity to sit with a friend and reminisce?

Maybe it’s a friend you used to do life with–in closer proximity.

Though years may part your chats, there is an old familiar feel to them, and your cup of coffee shared.

Or maybe it’s a friend that is new to you, but you’re sharing your old stories. The ones tucked away in your heart that you only open when you feel safe to do so. This cup of coffee is an invitation to more—more of you, more of them.

Or perhaps it is a friend you’re in the thick of life with—they see your present joys and heartaches and being with them is like coming up for fresh air.

It gives room for the old, and the soon to be old friends with hopeful sentimentality.

I had the opportunity this week to tuck away with one of my favorite travel buddies.

She is one in the thick of life with me—

She is one that is a respite in the midst of storms and is one I consider a soul sister.

Our version of New Year’s is staying in PJ’s and watching old and new movies.

It’s drinking juice and coffee and wine in rotation.

It’s listening to instrumental music while reading and writing and watching the sun pour into windows covered with lace curtains.

It’s funny little luxuries like acupuncture mats, essential oils, and face steamers.

It’s a 48–72-hour conversation of life and memories and Jesus with lots of air between words.

I’m thankful to be in this space with her.

And as I am…

I took the time to reminisce on old times since

I chronicled my life in a timeline.

When I do this with clients, I have them put the happy and the hard.

Little lines with boxes and hearts of the high points and low points of life.

In this version, however, I did only the high points.

As I think about what is past, and look ahead to what is around the bend,

My heart is craving the positive.

Not in a denial kind of way, but in a means of cultivating joyful perseverance.

It’s fun to look at…

As I drew my little squares and hearts, it was the people and places,

It was the words of kindness and wisdom spoken,

It was the memories of God’s provision, calling and healing.

It was the little steps of faith fostered by God’s sweet presence and friendship.

As I look at my little life map,

There are so many faces and experiences that pop to mine, and the thread that runs along it is the care and kindness of Jesus. He was there long before I knew Him,

Long before I acknowledged Him,

Long before I understood Him in even a fraction.

And He is here now.

In my limited vantage point, I see Him,

And He is beautiful.

I don’t know what is ahead in 2023…

No matter how many goal sheets and little dreams I speak of, I know the Lord is the master Creative who orchestrated my life and what is built into it for my good.

As I reflect on what is past—it is different than what I expected.

But it is oh, so, good.

Thankful for the many people and places and dreams He has offered me.

Thankful for Him being the constant thread before and behind me, always fighting for me, always working on my behalf. Always for me and my good.

And yours, friend.

And yours.



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