My Sweet Valentine…

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Fix your eyes on this one truth,

God is madly in love with you.


Do you believe it?

Does that line make you squirm in an uncomfortable way?

What are the thoughts that go through your head creating arguments for why it isn’t true.

This is one of those lyrics I love-hate.

One that reveals my lack of faith.

A lyric which unveils my deepest insecurity and fear.

It shows me the awful ways I talk to myself,

When Jesus is working so hard to be heard over my accusations.

In a world broken by sin and packed with ultimatums,

We are too used to love that is conditional.

We forget that our Always and Forever Love doesn’t operate that way.

He loved us at our worst.

Sacrificed in the best possible way.

Will keep choosing us when we are ridiculously sinful.

Will choose us when we are mean to Him.

Will never turn away or pull away.

Will never look at us in disgust.

He chooses us every day—every moment of everyday.

He is our best Valentine.

As a single gal, this day sometimes looms in an unnecessarily gloomy way.

It reminds me of my empty ring finger.

It highlights the things I long for and have not experienced yet.

It sometimes makes me panic as I scan a crowded room for men who love Jesus, and I cannot find them.

And while I can be sad about the missed moments and affection I desire from a Godly man…

I can also remember; I always have a Valentine.

I can pray prayers of gratitude for the multitude of Godly women who make my life full in all the sisterly, girly ways that are cozy and sweet.

I can remember all the V-day celebrations I have been gifted….

–The multitude of holidays with children with heart shaped cookies and red/pink frosting

–Parties with women who understand there can never be enough pink and red as we blare music, dance, watch chick flicks and drink rose’.

–That one Valentine’s Day where a pal of mine and I watched Lone Survivor in a theater and giggled as were realized it was a more twisted move than we intended.

In the things He doesn’t give in the ways or speed in which we want…

He isn’t absent.

He isn’t aloof.

He isn’t mad at us.

He is actively participating—orchestrating all the little things that fill our worlds.  Wanting so much for us to look up and make eye contact with Him.

He sees us.

Do we see Him?

Look for Him today.

Look for the little graces He gives you.

Today, I am actively choosing not to break eye contact with Him.

But to allow Him to look at me tenderly as I thank Him for the little delights He built into my today.

Happy Valentines Day, lovelies.



(141) Good Grace (Lyrics) ~ Red Rocks Worship (Hillsong UNITED Cover) – YouTube

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