Lessons from Beau

Some kids capture your heart in a way that is completely unique.

Beau has been that kind of kid for me.

From the moment I met him…

I came out of the guest room of his family’s home, sleepy-eyed and in cozy pj’s.

I anticipated him to be shy with a new stranger in his house as he ate breakfast, so I tip-toed and offered a gentle smile and hi.

He didn’t need gentle.


He cocked his head to the side,

Made a stink face,

And then spoke to me in the cutest, raspiest little monster voice.

To which I responded, in my raspiest monster voice and complimenting stink face.

And then he almost coughed out a laugh of surprise.

And we both giggled.

We were immediate friends.

The following week was filled with little surprises with my new friend.

The boldness he embodied was foreign and beautiful to me.

He didn’t hesitate at all.

I lay on the ground reading a story to his brother, and that was all the invitation he needed.

Within seconds, he dive-bombed my back to join the fun.

As his brother tentatively let me scoop him up and float him in the air like an airplane,

Beau rushed at me, full speed, leaping three feet in front of me, with full expectation I would catch him.

I did.

And then again.

And again.

And again.

As his boldness lingered, his brother’s shyness grew to courage.

He had a contagious spirit.

One that was full speed ahead, and endearingly trusting.

As we said goodbye,

He hugged my neck, settled back into my arms, and then…

He leaned forward, smiling mischievously,

Gently placing his forehead to my forehead,

And paused.

He just stayed there and giggled in his raspy little under-the-breath laugh.

I giggled back, and cried…

Blown away by the sweetness of his offer of affection.

It was the sweetest goodbye I have ever experienced.

One that lingered.

One that was as warm and precious as I’ve ever known.

It said,

I like you

Come back

I could stay here forever.

Me too, Beau.

There is something beautifully eternal about what I experienced with Beau.

It echoes of the Lord in the just because delight Beau both offered and received.

It echoes of Eden and what it teaches us about connection and relationship, both with the Lord and with each other as the family of God—the delight of connection with someone who is both the same and different.

It speaks of a language that goes beyond words but is present in gazes and presence and laughter.

It communicates the longing of forever—the kinds of connection and delight that doesn’t end.

Those moments with Beau were a taste of Heaven.

Evidence of bits of Heaven today—in the land of the living.

I long for more of those.

With my friends, with my family,

And more—with the Lord.

For there to be mutual delight in each other.

I am avid observer of how God shows His delight in me. I look for it like little kids look for fireflies.

I also want so badly for Him to know I delight in Him.

I want my life to be marked by the boldness of Beau—

For there to be evidence of trust.

Where I can lean forward, linger and leap.

And giggle.

Please Lord, more laughter, and mischievous grins, please.

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