Happy Christmas: Musical Reflections 6: Ready and Flexible.

Let every heart prepare Him room


To make someone/something ready for use or consideration.

I am a fan of preparation.

I am a girl who values schedules. I like to know what is happening—not a huge fan of surprises.

When I have guests, I like to think about how to make them comfortable—where will they sleep, what foods do they like, do they need x, y or z during their stay?

I often over-prepare. When doing a project or presentation, I can sometimes get into perfectionistic minutiae, spending more time on things than is necessary.

And a huge part of my job for years has been ‘preparing’ children for difficult things—procedures in the ER, to say goodbye to someone they love, for a big change occurring within their family.

Preparation is a big part of my world.

Along with preparation comes anticipation.

Predicting the future—having an expectation of something.

I think of anticipation as both a feeling and an action.

With re: to feeling…a mixture of excitement and nervousness.  Close to fear if it is something I feel ill prepared for; close to longing if it is something I am waiting expectantly and excitedly for.

With action—it’s a readiness. Again, am I ready for whatever comes next?

This little lyric…

Let every heart prepare Him room…

What does it look like to prepare our hearts for Jesus?

I do believe there is a making room aspect of preparation as it relates to Him.

He was born in a town that did not have room for Him.

And yet, being who He is, He makes a way.

And the people that love Him do too.

Making room likely entails a logistical aspect of making time for Him. Ensuring that morning devotions are not crowded out by the lesser things.

Making room likely entails getting out of bed earlier, or staying up later to commune with our King.

I think there is also a more emotional making room for Him.

There are things I love more and am more committed to than Him—and He intends to reverse that for my good. He is not a killjoy wanting to deny me good things, but my first and deepest affection should be for Him.

For that to happen, some of my deepest loves and longings have to become smaller so that He can become biggest in my heart.

And with that comes sacrifice.

Take up your cross and follow me…

That starts in the heart, not in our behaviors.

There are some things that are a no-go for me purely for the sake of Christ. Because He said no to something, so do I. 

As I think about preparing for Jesus—anticipating Jesus in this season, I am also realizing that so much of preparing is preparing for the unexpected.

Again, Jesus did not come as His people thought He would.

They expected a valiant King on a white horse prepared for battle.

They got a baby, born by a teen virgin.

Part of making room for Jesus requires flexibility.

In so many ways, preparation and flexibility feel like opposites.

Again, I dig a schedule. I like predictability.

Flexibility requires me to be ready, but to not necessarily know in what ways.

And this is the faith piece.

As we are invited to prepare and know, we are invited to prepare and know a person. That is, we get to study Him and allow our hearts to grow in affection for Him, trusting that whatever comes next, whatever He calls us to, He has prepared our hearts for. So, our readiness isn’t dependent on us as much as it is Him—our dependence and devotion to Him.

Practicing for Heaven is a term my counselor uses often.

In the land of the living, we get to live with our hearts wide open to Christ.

Openly surrendered to Him, willing to follow Him wherever He leads. Willing to say yes to what He wants us to say yes to. Willing to say no to what He wants us to say no to. Loving Him and being faithful to Him most.

We are ready Jesus.

Help our hearts be ready for you.



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