Steel Walls

I crouched on my knees with paper towels underneath them. I held my hair back with one hand, while I braced myself with another on the stall. My stomach turned, and my breakfast went in the opposite direction it was supposed to. I tried not to touch anything. Bathrooms are gross, but hospital bathrooms areContinue reading “Steel Walls”

I want to keep you

I hugged her goodbye. She wrapped her little arms tightly around my waist and looked up at me, tenderly– I want to keep you. She said it sweetly, boldly—without hesitation. And my heart melted. Oh yes, sweet girl.  We are for keeping. Gosh, I love kids.  They embody all that is precious and fierce.  IContinue reading “I want to keep you”

Erasing Death

SPLAT! She giggled, and took wad after wad of toilet paper, dipping it into the bowl of water and throwing it furiously at the poster-board. 10-20-30 times maybe, she hurled the dripping wads of paper towards her enemy. The more she did it, the more energized she got. Her mom cheered her on from behind.Continue reading “Erasing Death”