Happy Christmas—Musical Reflections 2: For the One who Grieves

Born that man no more may die One line. There is such brevity in this simple lyric, for such a massive topic. At different points of grief, or walking with those who grieve, there is a temptation of the heart to believe that God doesn’t care about it. Or maybe it’s punishment for something. OrContinue reading “Happy Christmas—Musical Reflections 2: For the One who Grieves”

Crashing Cars

As a child life specialist and play therapist, I watch kids day-by-day, come into my playroom and repetitively work over the emotional points of suffering in their lives.  They’ll crash cars together over and over again; they’ll play out horrific words spoken to them; awful things done to them.  They’ll play out their deepest fears. Continue reading “Crashing Cars”

Erasing Death

SPLAT! She giggled, and took wad after wad of toilet paper, dipping it into the bowl of water and throwing it furiously at the poster-board. 10-20-30 times maybe, she hurled the dripping wads of paper towards her enemy. The more she did it, the more energized she got. Her mom cheered her on from behind.Continue reading “Erasing Death”