Its been a Year

It’s been a year. She said it in a literal way. And in a heavy-sigh expressive way. It HAD been a year. A year since the world turned upside down. Or rather inside out. Where going out became dangerous. When we hunkered down, narrowed our circles and changed all our systems. When our coping strategiesContinue reading “Its been a Year”

My Sweet Valentine…

Fix your eyes on this one truth, God is madly in love with you. –Hillsong Do you believe it? Does that line make you squirm in an uncomfortable way? What are the thoughts that go through your head creating arguments for why it isn’t true. This is one of those lyrics I love-hate. One thatContinue reading “My Sweet Valentine…”

Word of the year…

Every year, I choose a word. A word I believe the Lord is trying to teach me.  It becomes a mantra, so-to-speak.  Usually, the word finds me versus the other way around, which I think is a fun, mysterious game of provision the Lord plays with His kids.  Giving us what we don’t know weContinue reading “Word of the year…”

Teddy Bears in Heaven

She cornered me in the hallway, wide-eyed.  May I talk to you? Of course, I said. We leaned up against the wall as she smiled to her children behind her. I’m going to talk to Miss Crystal—you all go play in the room.  Meet ya there in a few. My mind spun as I rememberedContinue reading “Teddy Bears in Heaven”