Happy Christmas—Musical Reflections 3: For the One struggling with their body…

Veiled in flesh the Godhead see A veil… A fine material worn by women to protect or conceal the face… A thing that serves to cover, conceal or disguise. Why would the King of kings conceal Himself? A mysterious way for the greatest One in all of humanity to enter the world. Theologically, we knowContinue reading “Happy Christmas—Musical Reflections 3: For the One struggling with their body…”

Happy Christmas—Musical Reflections 2: For the One who Grieves

Born that man no more may die One line. There is such brevity in this simple lyric, for such a massive topic. At different points of grief, or walking with those who grieve, there is a temptation of the heart to believe that God doesn’t care about it. Or maybe it’s punishment for something. OrContinue reading “Happy Christmas—Musical Reflections 2: For the One who Grieves”

Happy Christmas—Musical Reflections 1:

For the Music Lover, Ambitious-Flaky One, and the Imperfect Perfectionist. I love music. I always have. I was not particularly skilled as a singer or a musician—pretty sure I failed the recorder in music class as a kid.  But I do love it. In the last few years, music has become a sweet way theContinue reading “Happy Christmas—Musical Reflections 1:”

Tastes of Heaven

I’ll remember every taste.                                            –Flor, Spanglish I am a connoisseur of chick flick movies. I grew up watching them in the 90’s and early 2000’s, when they were really good. Spanglish is a favorite for many reasons, but the above line is my favorite in the whole movie. I highly recommend it. I recentlyContinue reading “Tastes of Heaven”

Real Grown Ups

When do the real grownups arrive? She said it jokingly as she processed experiences that felt too big for her and her husband. Deep within my soul, I felt an overwhelming YES! That was the feeling. How and when did life get so complicated that it felt unmanageable? How did I continue blowing out birthdayContinue reading “Real Grown Ups”


–a swollen area within body tissue containing an accumulation of pus –a tender mass filled with pus caused due to infection. I had left the procedure room sweating, red-faced a stench in my nose I was confident would never leave.  I had images of the parents horrified faces imprinted in my brain.  And the screamsContinue reading “Abscesses”