Steel Walls

I crouched on my knees with paper towels underneath them. I held my hair back with one hand, while I braced myself with another on the stall. My stomach turned, and my breakfast went in the opposite direction it was supposed to. I tried not to touch anything. Bathrooms are gross, but hospital bathrooms areContinue reading “Steel Walls”

The work of Your fingers…

You mean you can’t control the sun… She said it gently, compassionately. My eyebrows slanted, I wrinkled my forehead, nodding as I heard the words. My therapist and I were hashing out an assignment she had given me the week before. I had confessed I was having a hard time talking to God. Specifically, IContinue reading “The work of Your fingers…”

Lift your Heels

As I’ve thought about what to share in this medium, and the frequency…it’s hard to determine. Some weeks I could write something daily, and other weeks, I get stuck. This week, my brain is somewhere else and my writing is focused on more technical things. For that reason, I’m reaching for something in my archivedContinue reading “Lift your Heels”

I Want to see You

On the good days, I see Your beauty. I imagine You designing the world like a painting. You splash colors on a canvas and, full of joy, spread shades whimsically. Sometimes when You paint, You almost dance– with large brush strokes, bold tints, and expansive shapes. Other times when You paint, You crouch down inContinue reading “I Want to see You”

Men surrounded by Women…

Hey, Bud.  Us ladies, we make your head hurt, huh? 😊 This is my friend Kyle.  He is married to Laura.  He loves a good fire-pit, game night and the Word of God.  He can disassemble and re-assemble a dryer that should have caught on fire a long time ago, and can kill a cockroachContinue reading “Men surrounded by Women…”

I want to keep you

I hugged her goodbye. She wrapped her little arms tightly around my waist and looked up at me, tenderly– I want to keep you. She said it sweetly, boldly—without hesitation. And my heart melted. Oh yes, sweet girl.  We are for keeping. Gosh, I love kids.  They embody all that is precious and fierce.  IContinue reading “I want to keep you”

My little plastic bat

I fumbled around with the tee and the bat. It was hard to play baseball by myself. The tee helped, but it was boring–I wanted my sister to come back to play. I heard footsteps running my direction and turned to see her—she was crying, sprinting, followed by a crew of kids on bicycles chasingContinue reading “My little plastic bat”