Word of the year…

Every year, I choose a word. A word I believe the Lord is trying to teach me.  It becomes a mantra, so-to-speak.  Usually, the word finds me versus the other way around, which I think is a fun, mysterious game of provision the Lord plays with His kids.  Giving us what we don’t know weContinue reading “Word of the year…”

Teddy Bears in Heaven

She cornered me in the hallway, wide-eyed.  May I talk to you? Of course, I said. We leaned up against the wall as she smiled to her children behind her. I’m going to talk to Miss Crystal—you all go play in the room.  Meet ya there in a few. My mind spun as I rememberedContinue reading “Teddy Bears in Heaven”

Simple Extravagance

Simple extravagance is a phrase I used this week a couple times to describe the felt experience of being in the presence of friends who get you, care for you and lavish love freely. The word simple means easily understood or done, or the state of being uncomplicated.  It’s not without sacrifice, but it isContinue reading “Simple Extravagance”

Crashing Cars

As a child life specialist and play therapist, I watch kids day-by-day, come into my playroom and repetitively work over the emotional points of suffering in their lives.  They’ll crash cars together over and over again; they’ll play out horrific words spoken to them; awful things done to them.  They’ll play out their deepest fears. Continue reading “Crashing Cars”

Let God be God

In a culture where the trend is You do you… A culture that motivates with encouragement that you can do anything you want to do—be anything you want to be.  Break down any wall and climb any mountain. Where does this statement of letting God be God fit? I’ve been studying the Psalms this summerContinue reading “Let God be God”